It is no longer a choice between the two lesser evils.  It is time for a reality check people.  One candidate wants to bankrupt our society and the other candidate wants to legalize discrimination.  Either choice leads our country into ruin.  Mr. Obama wants gas prices equal to that of Europe.  Prices in many of the Euro zone countries is approaching $8 a gallon.  And you thought $3.90 was expensive.  Not only that, Mr. Obama would like to penalize utilities with carbon taxes raising current utility rates 300% or more.  Can you afford spending twice your current monthly budget on gas and 3 times your current monthly budget on utilities?  To use myself as an example, I would be spending $800-900 a month in gas and $800-1200 on my utilities.  That is more than my mortgage.

     Mr. Romney would like to outlaw abortion in all cases, stop federal funding of Planned Parenthood, allow healthcare to not cover birth control, and define marriage as between a man and woman.  Now, this is a popular position among Christians and is supported from the pulpits across America.  Abortions, in some cases, should be allowed.  Especially when the life of the to-be-mother is threatened by the continuation of the pregnancy.  Planned Parenthood is a popular target on the anti-abortion movement.  However, did you know that Planned Parenthood is the only health option many low-income women have for “normal” health checks?  Can you imagine denying a young mother access to see a doctor or nurse for health concerns and that leading to an early death?  Not covering birth control is just ignorant.  Birth control is used for more than letting little Jenny to sleep around with the entire town and not worry about a belly bump.  Birth control is used to treat acne, hormonal control, along with a myriad of other concerns.  And can one person show me that exact passage that defines marriage as man and woman?  This is all government guided discrimination based on ignorance.

     All is not lost.  There is an alternative.  Gary Johnson with the Libertarian Party is against both positions and has a platform to correct the egregious direction that our country has been going for decades now.  However, the two “main” parties are threatened by the party platform and the reform that would follow.  Educate yourself on what is really going on and make an informed decision.

Reality Check



It occurs to me that we’ve been doing this whole government thing wrong. We have business people running our legislative branch, lawyers running the executive branch, and judge Judy running the Supreme Court. It’s a wonder that our country has been able to function as long as it has. In a world were actions have real consequence, a majority of our political leaders would receive a pink slip for the jobs they are doing. Unfortunately, that’s not how our country works. Our political leaders are typically the people with the fattest wallet and the biggest corporate backers. It isn’t the will of the people, it’s the motivation of money.
It makes me laugh to hear people tell me that voting third party is wasting a vote. Two points here; first, if the person you voted for loses, you basically wasted your vote using “wasted vote logic”. Second, it really doesn’t matter how you vote, the Electoral College has the finally say. “The Electoral College is required to vote in line with the popular vote”, you say. Really? I think Mr. Al Gore would disagree on that statement. The problem is two-fold; we have the wrong kind of people in positions of power and corporations have too much influence on the political process.
In Corporate America, you would not find lawyers filling the position of CEO. You don’t find marketing people running law firms. You sure as hell won’t find Graduates of Underwater Basket Weaving on the bench. Then why do we allow this to happen in the highest offices of the land? Apathy! I believe that the American voter has just gotten so desensitized to the political process that we have basically given up our right to self-govern. Watch post-election video from 2008 and you will see what I’m talking about. What’s the solution? I have a couple of thoughts, but I would like to hear what you think.

Just a side note . . . I typed this on my iPad and apologize for any grammical or punctuation errors.