R.I.P. America

Our country has gone down the toilet.  While the last remnants were swirling at the bottom, we went about our daily lives.  It wasn’t our problem that our neighbors were struggling with unemployment and foreclosure.  It wasn’t our problem that our state was cutting school funding to make payroll.  It wasn’t our problem that our government was heading toward anarchy and total chaos.  The thing is, it is our problem.

No one takes notice of a situation until it hits our pocketbooks.  Ever wonder why gas prices are so high?  Is it because of the crisis in the Middle East?  Partially.  Ever wonder if 10 or 100 or even a 1000 new oil wells will help alleviate the prices at the pump?  The answer would be a big, fat NO.  The reason, refineries.  We can drill and pump all the oil we want, but without the refineries to process it, it doesn’t matter.  The last refinery in this country was build in 1976 (http://www.gasandoil.com/goc/news/ntn12966.htm).  1976 folks.  Why don’t we build more refineries?  Two reasons.  First, environmental concerns.  Remember, everyone wants cheap gas; but no one wants a refinery in their backyard.  Second and most important, the bottom line.  Refineries cost money; lots of money.  However, most of the oil companies could afford it.  But with more refineries, comes more petrol products on the market, which means cheaper price.  The oil big wigs like their fat paychecks, even if it kills the American family.

I like what is currently going on in Wisconsin.  Not because people are facing losing their jobs.  I like it because so many people are voicing their opinions.  Problem: large budget crisis.  Solution: cut benefits.  Sounds simple, but it is a far cry from what needs to be done.  We, as American citizens, have come to live with excess so long, it has become an unwritten right for all.  The issue here is that budget cuts need to be made.  The hard truth is that the “excess” needs to be cut in order for the state to survive.  However, it is a cut that needs to come from everyone.  It is time for the governor faces the reality that in order to make things work, he needs to cut “excess” too.  This holds true for all facets of government.  Our leaders need to cut personal “excess” in order to make things work.  Ever wonder why prices in D.C. are so high?  Partially because of the salaries of the government workers.  Higher salaries lead to higher cost of living lead to higher salaries lead to . . . you get the picture.

What has happened in this country is tragic.  The leaders of our nation (government and private) stepped on the backs of the “little people” in order to fulfill their dreams.  The cost in some cases have been billions of dollars and millions of jobs lost to atone for the sins of the few.  The unfortunate thing, is the atonement comes on the very backs that were trampled to begin with.  Our country has fallen away from the ideals of our forefathers.  Self-interest and greed were never part of the founding documents.  This country was founded on the principal of the common-good and justice for all.  There is no good in over $2 billion dollars of household credit card debt.  There is no justice for the people having to bailout the companies foreclosing on their house.  There is no justice for the people unemployed from companies taking taxpayer bailouts.  There is no good or justice for our children when we wash our hands of $11 trillion in debt.  This country is a far cry from the vision of the founders and we are paying dearly for it.  Stand up with your brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and start a movement in your area.  It’s time to tell our leaders, “enough is enough”.



One thought on “R.I.P. America

  1. ratanu says:

    I totally forgot about the companies that “outsourced” thousands of jobs overseas. If they would build a quality product to begin with, they wouldn’t have a need for a 10,000+ person call center in India. Quality product means less need for call center which would lead to lower overhead costs. Guess what? A quality product at an affordable price is possible and desirable. For some reason, quality just wasn’t part of the business model. Where’s the justice for the consumer?

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